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SR22 Insurance and Certification

What is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 is a financial burden certification often demanded by the state when you get involved in an accident without liability insurance or when caught without lawfully required coverage.

SR-22 does not Substitute Insurance:

Even though it is often referred as SR-22 insurance, an SR-22 has nothing to do with car insurance and as a matter of fact is not a replacement for auto insurance. Rather, it is only a documentation that your car insurance provider offers to your state that shows you have car liability policy protection that satisfies state’s minimum requirements.

When Do you Need an SR-22 License?

SR22 Filing and InsuranceAlthough SR-22 insurance is required when a court order is issued, if you are a high risk driver then you need to get an SR-22 for the following reasons.

  • DUI or DWI
  • Multiple at fault infractions or accidents
  • Recurring reckless driving
  • Involvement in an accident or driving without insurance
  • If you want your license to be reinstated

A court will ascertain if you should be permitted to have your driver’s license reinstated/revoked and under what limitations. In such situations, an SR-22 might be required. In some circumstances, the SR-22 permits motorists to continue to drive lawfully, although they will have a limited license.

How Long Can you Stay with an SR-22 Insurance?

The length of an SR-22 liability differs with the nature of your traffic offense(s) and from state to state. In certain states, this period of time could be as short as 12 months or up to five years. On average, a typical SR-22 time frame lasts from two to three years. Once a specified time frame has elapsed, your SR22 standing will be taken out as long as you’ve driven legally and safely in coverage in the course of that time.

Filing an SR-22 insurance:

Filing an SR-22 is not complicated. Your car insurance provider handles the vast majority of work for you. They do this by supplying proof to your state that you have auto insurance protection. For a fresh insurance quote, you only need to state that an SR-22 processing is required. However keep in mind if you cancel your coverage or allow the policy to lapse, the car insurer will be compelled to inform the state of the cancellation and you may be subject to further penalties or even lose your driving rights again.

What are the Fees Applicable?

Most states demand a comparatively small processing fee when SR-22 is first filed; however, it is generally not needed at renewal. That said, if you let your policy to pass at any point, this fee will again apply. Since the SR-22 condition applies to certain individuals, a different fee is applicable for each individual expected to have it.

If you discover that you need to file this type of insurance contact your insurance provider immediately for advice and to avoid being found on the wrong side of the law. Ensure you get a top notch insurance company for this.

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