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Information About A Virginia Suspended License

Driving License Suspension VirginiaAlthough many motorists consider driving to be a fundamental right, the simple fact is that operating any motor vehicle is more of a privilege that you have to earn and then maintain by showing lawful and safe driving. While under certain circumstances, the Virginia driver’s an individual has may be revoked or suspended for a specific period of time all depending on their driving record, history and the particular violations at hand.

Reasons For Suspending A Driver’s License

When you have your driving license suspended in Virginia, it is a serious matter. It is important to adhere to the state law whenever you license is suspended. If you feel as though your license might be suspended due to one of the reasons above, it will always be advisable to speak with a lawyer dealing with DUI-DWI law, or traffic ticket laws. When the license is suspended, you are not going to be permitted to drive. If you are found behind the wheel with a suspended license, the length of the suspension could be increased.

Appealing Your License Suspension

If you have received a license suspension from the local DMV, and you would like to challenge the suspension, you can request a court hearing. Drivers that lose their license due to a number of points accumulating, you might be eligible to enroll in the Driver Improvement Clinic. You might be awarded five safety points after you go through and complete the Driver Improvement Clinic, and in some cases, you may be able to avoid having your license suspended. We here help drivers who receive a suspension, please contact us for further details.

Restoring Your Driver’s License

To reinstate your Virginia license that has been suspended, you have to pay any necessary fees for reinstatement that could range somewhere between $145 and $220. It will all depend upon any of the reasons why your Virginia driver’s license was suspended in the first place. As long as you go through all of the steps and you have all of the fees paid, you should be able to get your license back.

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