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Get Auto Insurance Discount10 million accidents happen each year; 7.4 million cars were stolen in 2015, according to an Interpol report. It can happen to anyone and an unfortunate incident like that can lead you into a financial disaster and car insurance can back you up financially in such traumatizing situation. It’s a fee that you pay for a more reliable future. Most car insurance policies also provide you roadside assistance and rental car coverage. If you are looking forward to buying car insurance, there are steps that you can take to minimize the cost you’re going to pay for it.

7 Best Ways to Get a Discount on Car Insurance:

There are literally tons of ways to get some type of discount on car insurance. Here are 7 of the best I can recommend you. Hope these tips help you to get your desired rate.

  1. Choosing the Right Company

The first thing that should be done while looking for a car insurance is to do a comparison between different proposed offers, which can be done by visiting a comparison site or contacting a nearby agency and taking notes. You can also hire a car insurance broker who is registered with a leading association for the industry; these insurance companies tend to be better regulated.

  1. Good Driver Discount

Some insurance companies offer a reasonable amount of discount to costumers with safe driving history and no accident claims within 3 years. Adding an experienced driver to your insurance policy with a safe driving history, can also help you save some money.

  1. Low-Risk Occupation Discount

A lot of insurance companies offer discounted rates for certain professions that have a history of lower accident rates and claims. Providers can help you figure out different rates for different professions. A similar, Affinity Group Discount is offered to engineers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and other similar professionals.

  1. Multiple Drivers Discount

Multiple drivers/vehicles can get a reasonable discount on their insurance policy as companies tend to look at a bigger business transaction in this scenario. The costumers have to be related by blood or marriage to claim this discount or mutually own the vehicle.

  1. Safe Vehicle Discount

Car insurance companies offer a lower premium on vehicles that contains certain safety features like Anti-Lock Braking System, Airbags, Anti-Theft Protection Device and Passive Restraints.

  1. Age-Based Discount

Lowest premium and a discount of up to 20% can be claimed if you are a driver between the age of 25 and 55. Most insurance claims are linked to teenagers and new drivers, who according to statistics, are mostly likely to be in an accident. They usually have to pay higher car insurance premiums as compared to experienced drivers because they tend to be a higher risk to their insurance companies. Teenage drivers can reduce their cost by claiming a Driver’s Education Discount after successfully completing a Driver’s Education Course. Some insurance companies also offer a Good Student Discount to students maintaining an average of B-Grade or 3.00 CGPA. Some companies offer special discounts to retired people as they tend to drive less and more safely.

  1. Eco-Friendly Car Discount

The use of Eco-Friendly vehicles is being encouraged as the world is getting more concerned about issues like global warming. Insurance companies are offering a lower premium and reasonable discounts on energy efficient, environmental friendly vehicles. Driving a hybrid, electric, ethanol or flex-fuel vehicle can result in lower insurance bills.

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